Heater blower Leo Smart

Innovative product for Flowair

For Flowair company, we designed heater blowers Leo Smart. Modern design, low noise level and small size make them useful in the executive suites of medium cubature. These are the first heaters on the market, made of anti-static plastic. The heater was awarded the independent prize iFproduct design award 2013. The housing for LEO FS water heater is made of ABS plastic, in thermoforming technology which significantly reduced the cost of preparing the production. The housing completely covers the hydraulic and electrical connections; the blades controlling the streams of air are made of anodized aluminum. Hidden underneath the housing there is an integrated mounting console allowing for effortless suspension of the device on the wall, without the use of additional mounting brackets.

Project info

Heater blower Leo Smart

Year: 2012

Company: Flowair

Manufacturer: Flowair

Category: Product

Scope: Project / Prototype / Manufacturing