Who we are

We have been in the business of design for over twenty five years. Studio 1:1 has many achievements in the field of designing chain stores, interior architecture, exhibition and product design.

The beginnings of our design activity coincided with the economic transformation in Poland in the early 1990s. Together with our clients, we have passed all levels of ‘design ladder’, from regarding design as a means to fitting interiors with a particular style to treating it as an element of the company’s development strategy. Our satisfaction comes from the awareness that our activities not only have affected the growth of institutions and companies for which we have worked, but have also influenced the development of culture and economy of our region and country.

To ensure the highest quality of our designs, we create small, specialized teams, selecting creative and dynamic designers from various fields such as architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, graphic design, photography and construction.


Prizes and awards


  • Property Design Awards 2018 – distinction in the Design category: Commercial and Service Space
  • 2nd Level Award in the nationwide Construction of the Year 2015 competition. Organizer – Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Construction Technicians.
  • The Mayor of Gdańsk Award in the competition for the best architectural implementation 2011-2015 in the city of Gdańsk
  • iF design award 2013 – LEO FS water heater
  • Diament Meblarstwa 2013, organised by the monthly magazine BIZNES meble.pl and the web portal meble.pl in the category
  • Contract space in Premium class – Sorriso chair
  • Product of the Year 2013, in the category: Armchair / Chair, organised by “Meble Plus” magazine – Sorriso chair
  • Good Design 2011, organised by Institute of Industrial Design, in the Sfera Pracy category – mPosition
  • TOP DESIGN Award 2011, Arena Design – mPosition
  • Diament Meblarstwa 2012, organizer – monthly magazine BIZNES meble.pl and portal meble.pl in the category
  • Office Seats in Premium class – mPosition
  • Product of the Year 2012, organized by “Meble Plus” magazine in the category Director’s office – mPosition
  • Gold Medal at MTP 2012, a competition chaired by prof. dr hab. Edward Szczechowiak, director of the Institute of Environmental Engineering at Poznan University of Technology – ELiS DUO curtain-heater</ li>
  • Good Design 2010, organiser – Institute of Industrial Design – finalist of the competition – curtain-heater ELiS DUO
  • Innovation of the Year 2010, under patronage of the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences – curtain-heater ELiS DUO
  • First prize for developing exhibition and scenography concept for the Permanent Exhibition at the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk, 2008
  • 1st prize in the Competition for design of an Integrated Computer Workstation in a Seating and Lying Position organised by Institute of Industrial Design, 2008
  • Second prize in the Competition for the Concept of the Permanent Exhibition at the City of Gdynia Museum, 2007
  • Mayor of Gdańsk award – 2nd prize for developing a concept for the script and scenography for the permanent exhibition at the European Solidarity Centre dedicated to ‘Solidarity’, 2006
  • MEDIUM – Lider Instalacji – honorable mention at MPT, organised by the ‘Rynek Instalacyjny’ magazine – Leo Plastic heater
  • Good Design 2006, organised by Institute of Industrial Design – finalist of the competition – Leo Plastic heater
  • First prize at the Mapic Award in Cannes, France, for developing the collection, store concept and fittings for the Reserved shop chain, / the prize was awarded to LPP S.A./
  • Grand Prix of Ernest Malinowski at TARKO trade fair in Gdynia – a rail bus
  • 3rd prize in the National competition ZEGAR in Krakow – Mobius clock
  • Polskie Godło TERAZ POLSKA / team award / – design of electrical installation equipment of the GALA series