Railcar Partner

Design of the car body and the interior of the bus

As part of the informal design team, referred to as D7, we developed and implemented a design of the exterior and interior of the rail bus. It is a single-car, light motor vehicle intended for servicing regional transportation. The main goal was to make the vehicle lighter by using high quality steel with a layer of aluminum. Not only does it ensure high durability of the vehicle, but also lightness, which is crucial in terms of fuel consumption and speed performance. An important point was the ergonomics, especially in the driver’s cabin.


  • Grand Prix - Ernest Malinowski Prize during TRAKO fair in Gdynia for Railcar Partner,PESA S.A.

Project info

Railcar Partner

Year: 2001

Company: PESA

Category: Design

Scope: Project / Prototype / Manufacturing

In the team: M. Adamczewski, M. Średniawa, B. Jóźwicka, D7 Design Group