Curtain-heater Elis Duo

As the ELiS Duo producer says: ''The modern design of the unit was developed in collaboration with an experienced team of industrial designers''. The result of this cooperation can be seen when it comes to finding application for the device in buildings with high aesthetic value – in places with a need for increased functionality, i.e, heating the space, but at the same time providing air barrier. The use of aluminium for the construction of the unit’s body and plastic fans allowed for a significant reduction of weight and noise level. Adjustable air outlets make it possible to set the appropriate angle of air stream in the plane of the door and a separate stream for heating the room. The contribution of Studio 1:1 into development of the product, has been appreciated by Industrial Design Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences and Institute of Environmental Engineering from Poznań University of Technology.

Dobry Wzór 2010 (Good Design 2010) Elis Duo – finalist at the competition organised by Institute of Industrial Design Innovation of the year 2010, in competition under the patronage of Faculty of Technical Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences Gold Medal mtp 2012 in competition led by prof. dr hab. Edward Szczechowiak, director of Institute of Environmental Engineering at Poznań University of Technology

Project info

Curtain-heater Elis Duo

Year: 2010

Company: Flowair

Manufacturer: Flowair

Category: Product

Scope: Design / Prototype / Manufacturing