MyStopy – Wireless brake assist device

Wireless device design for mySTOPY GmbH & Co. KG

Research and development project of an innovative electronic device with successful implementation on the European market. Durning of over 3 years from the conception to the production of the first specimen, we have provided the client - the German company mySTOPY GmbH & Co. KG - a comprehensive support throughout the implementation process. The project consisted of an extensive research and idea development from the first sketches through functional prototypes of the mechanism, design of the main housing and remote control, prototyping in 3D printing technology, cooperation in the design of electronic circuits, and finally the graphic design of the packaging and user manual in English and German. Taking into account the specific type of user and safety matters, the project was subjected to computer simulations and MES strength calculations. The finished device and its packaging have undergone rigorous testing and certification by accredited laboratories - i.e. Bureau Veritas and CTC Advanced GmbH. The device is easy to install and allows you to remotely stop a children's bike from a distance of up to 100m using a dedicated remote control. The built-in LED lamp acts as a position light and communicates visually with an adult, informing about the device status and battery charge level. The added value is an educational aspect of the project - thanks to the controlled intervention of an adult, the child improves ability to assess dangerous situations on the road.

Project info

Wireless brake assist for balance bikes

Year: 2022

Company: mySTOPY GmbH & Co. KG

Manufacturer: mySTOPY GmbH & Co. KG

Project: Studio 1:1

Category: Design / Industrial Design / R&D

Scope: Conceptual design / 3D prototyping / Executive design / Supervision over the implementation

Cooperation: CEZOS sp. z o.o Sp. K, DES ART Sp. z o.o. (CADM-Automotive Group, Endego), mySTOPY GmbH & Co. KG