Reserved – Stuttgart Koenigstrasse

Redevelopment of a tenement house in the city centre for the needs of Reserved company

Located in Stuttgart's main street, just 10 minutes from the central train station, the store is housed in an old, sturdy tenement house with a well ordered architecture. During the designing process not only did we have to deal with a vast space of the store, challenging in terms of arranging it and filling with merchandise, but also compete with big brands located in close proximity. The store's interior consists of 3 levels of retail space, cut by irregular openings in the slab which run through 2 floors, making the place both spacious and airy . Thanks to this technique as well as the space arrangement with strong focus on neatness, we were able to make the store feel like a little department store. The largest store yet, in terms of space, with the surface of 3800 m2, designed by our company.

Project info

Stuttgart Koenigstrasse Reserved

Year: 2014

Category: Retail

Scope: Concept design / Executive design / Architect’s supervision