Wybrzeże Theatre and Teatralna Street

Reconstruction and modernisation of the theatre and the adjacent area

The conceptual design has within its scope 4 buildings which belong to the 'Wybrzeże State Theatre'. These buildings are in the centre of the urban layout of the city of Gdańsk and are located in one of the most important parts of the historic area called 'the Main Town'. Furthermore, they are listed buildings. Cultural changes taking place in recent years, pose new challenges and expectations, and meeting them requires a number of actions. Some are taken in the area of technology, ensuring that the facility can function as expected, others help the place to refresh its image as the carrier of cultural values. Taking into account these assumptions, two project activities have been proposed. One is focused on improving the functional, technical and aesthetic values of those parts of the theatre that most require it. The second is to create a new dimension of space in both the theater and its immediate surroundings.

Project info

Alteration and modernisation

Year: 2008

Company: Teatr Wybrzeże

Category: Interior Design

Scope: Conceptual design