We present our Reserved store in New Concept 2023, Oxford Street, London. This is our second project on one of the most famous shopping streets in the world! The space of the premises with an area of 1700m2 harmonizes with the timeless charm of the city, creating a tasteful canvas for the featured clothing. The design of the premises encourages you to experience a space where architecture and fashion intertwine, making every visit a quiet celebration of style in this vibrant urban setting. The interior of the store is gentle in expression, thanks to the use of soft forms and gentle lighting, which not only illuminates the clothing, but also sculpts the space of the store, thanks to the play of light shadows. Thick structured mineral plaster, being the dominant material in the interior, diffuses light, making the space even warmer and inviting.

Project info


Year: 2023

Company: LPP S.A.

Category: Retail / retail shops furniture projects

Scope: Conceptual design/Executive design