LPP S.A. – Fashion Lab

LPP Fashion Lab in Gdansk

The interior design of the newly built office building included over 7,500 m2 of space. It includes: individual workplaces, conference rooms, workshops, relaxation zones, communication zones and toilets. The arrangement was created based on the basic material of the building, i.e. concrete, the structure of which gave the interior a climate. The unusual structure of the building and the structure of the ceiling prompted us to create a division of space regardless of the body. Self-supporting structures allowed to separate the space and create zones dedicated to separate teams. The inclusion of acoustic solutions in a conference rooms allowed for soundproofing the space in a way that allows comfortable work. Despite the large number of glass walls, we achieved appropriate acoustics. In addition, the interior is enriched and warmed by a large amount of vegetation, which fully harmonizes with the arrangement, remaining in close proximity to the office employees.

Project info

Interior design of Fashion Lab

Year: 2020

Company: LPP S.A.

Category: Interior design

Scope: Conceptual Design/ Detailed design / Architect’s supervision