DOKI Collection

Through objects we try to get to know people and their stories

The new DOKI collection, in which we integrated our beliefs and design experience, complements our activity, giving clients an opportunity to purchase items created in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.
We don’t analyse ‘soulless products’ but rather objects, things. By studying them, we try to get to know people and their stories. Our efforts are focused on filling the void they may feel.
The source of inspiration for creating pieces for our furniture collection are things that we gather and collect. We try to create things with a clear structure, we want them to be understandable, transparent and honest. Our objects do not pretend anything. We want them to be durable so that they mature rather than age. We design them by referring to the identity of the place - the cultural space in which we happen to be working and living. We produce everything within a radius of several dozen kilometers based on the possibilities of local producers and manufacturers. We try to use easily accessible, native materials, paying attention to their effective use.
In our work, the object, what meaning it has and how it affects people and the environment are all of equal importance. The excess of things, distances us from what is essential, from what constitutes the meaning and essence of life. Lack of objects is unbearable for us, we can not live without them. We hope that the items designed and produced for our collection will be well received, understood and will stay with you for longer.  

Project info

DOKI Collection

Year: 2017 - 2018

Company: Studio 1:1

Manufacturer: Studio 1:1

Scope: Conceptual design / Detailed design / Production