Autonomous Primary School in Gdańsk

Design and implementation of the connector between school buildings

The above mentioned school buildings are located in the city centre of Gdańsk (Śródmieście), within the listed area. They are 19th century buildings, constructed around 1880. Since the beginning they were used as school premises. The marks at the top of these buildings indicate that at floor level there was a connector between the two buildings. The limited area of the plot situated in the city centre doesn't allow for its development. Consequently, using the area between the two buildings for development and filling it with the connector, was justified, then. It hasn't limited the present sports and recreational activities, it has become a reference to the historical existence of the connector in the exact same place. At the same time it allowed for widening the scope of functions in both schools, lower secondary and elementary.

Project info


Year: 2003

Category: Architecture

Scope: Concept / Executive design