Amanda Thread Factory

Offices and the company's surroundings

The objective of the design brief was development of a functional plan and designing fixtures and fittings for the newly constructed office building. The scope of design included the arrangement of room service, a warehouse, accountants' offices, corridors, cash desk, toilets and storage rooms adjacent to the office. One couldn't ignore the Project Owner's collector's interests directed at all items related to the history of textile industry, but above all, the 19th century city of Łódź which was its centre. The client's fascination with the textile industry, the factory and everything associated with it, undoubtedly influenced the final appearance of the offices. The next step in the realization of the project was development planning of the surrounding area, including the layout of paving stones. The Project Owner's personality, his special requirements and his particular attention to detail, made us think it was an important project experience but also an adventure.

Project info

Amanda Thread Factory

Year: 1994 – 1996

Category: Architecture / Interior design

Scope: Concept / Executive design / Supervision