The new concept of Cropp 2021

A new image of salons of a well-known brand

The new concept of the Cropp brand store stylistically refers to the trend of contemporary streetwear. The most characteristic element of this interior is the designed ceiling, made of metal shells forming a contemporary barrel vault. The arches of the vault are used to create a special atmosphere of the interior through soft, gently diffused light, which promotes good exposure of clothes. Wall-mounted structures have common elements with the ceiling in the form of illuminated shells creating a spatial background for clothing. Both the architecture and the free-standing furniture, as well as the buildings behind the cash register, constitute a stylistic whole based on the principle of building structures from bent or barrel-shaped planes creating spatial structures with sharp or gentle contrast of the shadow. The materials used are to combine technology with the natural shaping of the form and the world of men's and women's fashion.

Project info

The New Cocncept of Cropp

Year: 2021

Company: LPP S.A.

Category: Retail / retail shops furniture projects

Scope: Concept design / Executive design