Conceptual design of the pavilion in Biskupin: architectural competition

In autumn, we took part in a competition recommended by the Association of Polish Architects, which involved replacing the existing exhibition pavilion at the Archaeological Museum in Biskupin with a new exhibition space. We would like to present our concept for an exhibition pavilion (including land development) with a  permanent exhibition of the Archaeological Museum in Biskupin. In order to emphasize the importance of this place for the preservation of Polish cultural heritage, the project assumed:

  • not competing with the reconstruction of buildings from the times of the Lusatian culture community;
  • dividing the entire facility into severalsolidsand referring to the character of a rural settlement;
  • maintaining internal communication between facilities using glass connectors, referring to bridge passages between facilities for various purposes;
  • the use of asymmetric roof slopes in reference to the asymmetric roof of the Lusatian cottage;
  • emphasizing the asymmetry of the facility through entrance openings to the museum lobby in the shape of high trapezoids;
  • maintaining modularity based on an 8 m grid in relation to the width of the Lusatian cottage;
  • referring to the character of a defensive settlement with a gate and a guard tower by building an observation tower above the lobby;
  • maintaining close relation with the natural environment
  • encouraging activities outside the facilities in outdoor open spaces
  • ensuring cohesion of the shapes of the facility by using the same material in the form of ceramic shapes on all facades and roofs;
  • use of traditional construction materials;
  • use of local finishing materials obtained in Poland.
Even though we did not win a prize in the competition, the task was very interesting and we hope for another interesting challenge soon.

Project info

Conceptual Design of the pavilion in Biskupin

Year: 2023

Project: Architectural competition

Category: Exhibitions

Scope: Conceptual design

In the team: Studio 1:1