Inspection bus

Pesa 620M train for PESA Bydgoszcz

Commissioned by Pesa Bydgoszcz on behalf of an Ukrainian investor, within the informal D7 design team we developed and implemented both an exterior and interior of the bus with special equipment for conducting inspection. Pesa 620M – is a type of an inspection bus, broad-gauge carriage with a combustion engine. The essence, but also the standard in this car is furniture made of durable, hydrophobic teak and leather armchairs. The carriages, designed by our studio are now in operation in Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus. The work on the project included a series of technical and ergonomic analyses.

Project info

Inspection bus

Year: 2001

Company: PESA

Manufacturer: PESA

Category: Design

Scope: Design / Prototype / Manufacturing

In the team: M. Adamczewski, M., B. Jóźwiccy, M. Średniawa