Warsaw Railway

Pesa Mazovia EN95-01

We had been invited by Marad Design to cooperate on the design of the body for a new model of the Warsaw Commuter Rail. The origin, and at the same time the inspiration for the design and construction of the so-called EN95 were the then EMUs (electric multiple units) manufactured until 1990. The willingness to make use of the past experience, served as the basis for the construction of light rolling stock with low-fuel consumption. Mazovia is a set of train cars designed to carry passengers on routes with 600V voltage. The train consists of 4 articulated cars, so that passengers can move freely between the carriages during their journey. The end carriages are fitted with the driver’s cabs; similarly the doors are mounted on both sides – thus the train can move in both directions. Equipped with comfortable seating, the train provides places for 150 passengers, but together with standing room, it can carry up to 500 passengers. The interior consists of four areas constituting one space. A prototype in 1:1 scale was made before the start of production.

Project info

Warsaw Railway

Year: 2004

Company: Marad Design / PESA

Category: Design

Scope: Project / Prototype / Manufacturing

In the team: M. Adamczewski, M. Berlińska, J. Szymański