Impact – temporary exhibition

Exhibition of the works by the industrial design alumni in the Great Armoury at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk

On 24 March 2016 we had the pleasure to attend a temporary exhibition entitled Impact (Oddziaływanie), which took place on the premises of the Great Armoury in Gdańsk. The large-format exhibition was devoted to industrial design and its main objective was to present designers from Tri-City and showcase their accomplishments. Companies, which have taken into consideration design as an element of growth strategy have gained competitive advantage and have achieved spectacular success both on domestic and international markets. A selection of their works have been supplemented by additional graphics to emphasise their accomplishments and to stress the fact that culture and economy can mutually benefit from each other's resources and exert positive impact on one another.

Project info

Impact – temporary exhibition

Year: 2016

Category: Exhibition design

Scope: Concept / Executive design