Retail furniture

Selected furniture designs completed in the years 2003-2005, 2011

The product selection depends on many factors, whether it's a conscious or subconscious choice. One of the most crucial is the effective arrangement of goods. The division into sections combined with suitable furniture designed for display of particular products, takes the client through the decision making process. The effective arrangement of goods ensures not only an adequate amount of merchandise but also easy access to it.
Throughout the years we have designed over 1500 types of furniture for chain shops such as Reserved, Cropp or 'áTab'. With such extensive experience we continue to develop new concepts, getting ahead of current trends and setting new ones.

Project info

Retail Furniture

Year: 2003 - 2005, 2011

Company: LPP | Cropp, Reserved

Scope: Concept design / Executive design / Architect’s supervision