Action office chair

Ergonomic design for working environment

An office chair with an ergonomically contoured mesh backrest on a flexible frame, with a wide, intuitively adjustable headrest, adjustable lumbar support, height and depth of the armrests and seat depth. The chair allows for effortless micro-movements which increase the comfort of sitting. The construction of ACTION office chair allows for deep backrest tilt adjustment to the user’s weight. Cooperation with Profim was an amazing experience for us. Working in a large team, with people speaking the same language, including the software, we could afford to skip certain stages, characteristic of the model design processes. Details were worked out with the utmost care.

photo: PROFIm, D. Kulaszewicz

Project info

Action office chair

Year: 2012

Company: PROFIm

Category:  Wzornictwo

Scope: Project / Prototype / Production