European Solidarity Centre – Permanent Exhibition

Large-format exhibition in the ECS building in Gdańsk

Last week of August (30/31.08.2014), the 34th anniversary of signing August Agreements, was marked by opening a new home of European Solidarity Centre. The heart of this place is a permanent exhibition, which we designed after winning in 2008 international competition for a conceptual design of setting and layout of a permanent exhibition at the ECS. Our company - Studio 1:1, is the author of conceptual and executive design of the exhibition occupying an area of almost 3000 square metres. During the development of that challenging project, our primary objective was to make the audience feel there were watching a story about themselves. We found that the most effective way to achieve this, was to encourage the visitors to form a connection with the heroes of those events and in some way identify with them. The key was to give people not only a chance to learn what took place, but also experience the events leading to the formation of Solidarity movement. To this end we took advantage of modern technologies present in modern exhibitions as well as elements that enable interaction. Striving to avoid brazen narrative and associations with theatre, we decided to use authentic objects instead of replicas in our installations. First prize in the competition for the setting and layout of the Permanent ECS Exhibition. We are proud to announce that The Committee on Culture, Science and Education of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe(PACE) has awarded the prestigious Museum Prize to European Centre of Solidarity. According to the comments, that followed, we read that, what decided about the success, was, 'the way in which ECS shows the history of the trade union 'Solidarność'. We are really happy that the exhibition we had the honour to design, has received such important recognition. So far, ECS has been visited by 390 thousand people. The Museum Prize has been awarded annually since 1977, but never before has it been received by a Polish institution. A bronze statuette, “La femme aux beaux seins” by Joan Miró, will be kept at the ECS for a year, after which it will be be presented to the next institution, honoured by the Council of Europe.

Project info

European Solidarity Centre - Permanent Exhibition

Year: 2008-2014

Company: European Solidarity Centre

Category: The Art of Arranging Exhibitions / Industrial Design / Graphics

Scope: Conceptual design / Preliminary design / Detailed design / Author's supervision at the construction site