Cropp – a popular brand in new look

We developed a new look for the popular brand Cropp

In May 2015, in the centre of Poznań, we opened a Cropp store designed according to the new concept developed by our designers. The place, along with the other LPP flagship stores, was built in the new premises in Półwiejska_2, next to the main shopping centre in the city. The scope of works included an architectural design as well as a comprehensive design of furniture, lighting and fittings. Our intention was to develop a new, fresh look for the brand targeted at a young consumer – a representative of Generation Z (people born after 1995), which according to the estimates, by 2020 will have become the largest consumer group in developed countries. Cropp – designed for generation Z customers.

Project info


Year: 2014 – 2015

Category: Retail

Scope: Concept design / Executive design / Architect’s supervision / Branding