Barbara Hoff Exhibition

The exhibition project for the Museum of the City of Gdynia.

The project included arrangements of the exhibition from the series "Polish projects, Polish designers", implemented for the Museum of the City of Gdynia. The exhibition is dedicated to the work of the extraordinary designer Barbara Hoff and is her first monographic exhibition. Barbara Hoff - the creator who in Polish design became famous not only for the timeless clothing projects, but also for the fashion phenomenon she made in Poland in difficult socialist times. Initially, for many years, as an art historian, she published texts on fashion for the then cult Przekrój magazine. With time, she became a designer, creator of the well-known clothing brand Hoffland, introduced a revolution on the Polish fashion market. The aim of the exhibition was to present this extraordinary design history of Barbara Hoff, which included over half of the twentieth century. Presenting Hoff as not only as a timeless fashion creator and a creator in the full sense of the word: not only designing, but also organizing the entire process "from design to sale", but also a forerunner of global trends that inspired, taught and showed how to dress fashionably colorful and inexpensive.

Project info

The exhibition project "Barbara Hoff. Polish projects, Polish designers"

Year: 2019

Company: Museum of the City of Gdynia

Project: Studio 1:1

Category: Architecture / Design / Exhibition

Scope: Conceptual design / Detailed design / Author's supervision at the construction site


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